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John Kerry no tell farmers sey make dem stop to grow food to meet ‘net zero’ goals 

CLAIM: One post wey dem make for Instagram on June 2 ( link wey we don save) show screenshot of headline and foto of former secretary of state John Kerry, wey dey serve now as US special presidential envoy for climate.

Di screenshot come wit claim wey sey John Kerry tell farmers make dem stop to grow food so dat dem fit meet net zero goal for emissions.

“Farmers Must Stop to Grow Food to Meet ‘Net Zero’ Goals for Emissions”, na so di post wey bin dey published for ine May 27 report by Slay News about Kerry speech wey im give on May 10 for AIM Climate Summit.

TO CONFAM DI TOK: John Kerry na former United States Secretary of State and now im be Special Presidential Envoy for Climate. For im speech for AIM Climate Summit on May 10, 2023, im give warning sey di world no fit fight climate change if dem no first cari eye look di emissions wey dey comot from di agric sector.

Kerry complain sey agriculture production alone dey create 33% of di world’s total greenhouse gas emissions, im argue sey reducing emissions must dey “front and centre”  if dem wan defeat global warming.

Di former Secretary of State bin dey try let people know sey climate smart agriculture na potential solution.

“Plenti people no get idea sey agriculture dey contribute about 33% of all di emissions of di world”, na so Kelly tok dis tin for im keynote address.

“We no fit reach net-zero, we no fit do dis job unless agriculture dey front and centre as part of di solution. So all of us for here undastand di koko of di work.”

“Food systems demselves dey contribute plenti amount of emissions for di way wey we dey do di tins wey we don dey do,” im still add.

“As we dey add for di earth – we just pass 8 billion pipu for all ova di world – emissions from di food system alone as we dey see fit cause anoda half degree of warming by mid-century.” na so Kerry tok.

Wen we watch di video from di event, e no show any part wey Kerry tok sey make farmers stop to dey grow food. Instead, im been dey worry about di wahala wey climate change don cause for hunger all ova di world.

“2-degree future fit make additional 600 million pipu to no get enough to chop,” na so e talk. “And you no fit dey increase heat for planet still expect to feed am.”

Kerry tok sey make dem begin cari head look plants wey heat no fit affect and make dem find anoda food for cattle so dat dem no go fit produce plenti  methane. Im no  tok sey make dem stop any kain agricultural production.

FINAL TOK: Di claim wey sey John Kerry tell farmers make dem stop to grow food to meet ‘net zero’ goal  NO BI TRUE TOK.

This content was produced with support from the Independent Media Response Fund, an initiative of the Check Global Program at Meedan to respond to global challenges through hyperlocal initiatives. The fund is supported by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).

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