Plenti CO2 no dey increase human life

CLAIM: E get one video wey dey spread for Facebook wey one Gabriel Lucas post. For di video, e get one man wey talk sey life for dis earth depend on carbon, se na why em dey spend plenti of em time for farm make e try increase em carbon footprint.

Di  man, as e dey waka dey tok for front of plenti composite, sey “behind me na big hot pile of carbon wey dey compost and e dey release plenti amounts of carbon dioxide for di atmosphere.

“ All life for earth na sake of carbon and I dey spendpenti of my time foror farm make I try increase my carbon footprint, which con mean sey I dey increase all life”, e tok dis tin for di video on May 24, 2023.

For di end, di speaker add sey, “e get plenti wahala wey dey world now, but carbon no bi one of dem.

Di video, even as Facebook don notify users sey no bi true tok, don gada 25,400 likes, 1200 comments, and more dan  23,000 shares as at June 12, 2023. Di post bin first comot for Tiktok.


Carbon dioxide, you fit still call am CO2, na gas wey no get colour and no dey burn for normal temperature and pressure. Even though e no plenti reach nitrogen and oxygen for di earth atmosphere. UCR, one research organisation, tok sey CO2 na impotant component of di planet. Di molecule of CO2, according to di centre, make up one of carbon atom and two oxygen atoms.

For di oda hand, NASA, di US center agency in space exploration, explain add sey  carbon dioxide (CO2)  na important heat/ trapping gas, or green house gas, wey dey come from di extraction and burning of fossils like coal, oil, and natural gas from wildfires, and from natural processes like wen volcano bust.

Science Direct tok sey di earth go  too cold if CO2 no dey, but still add sey plenti CO2 concentrations for di atmosphere dey cause average global temperatures torise, and e dey disturb oda parts of di earth climate.

Why CO2 dey harmful?

Di JBL, one research website, gree sey carbon dioxide dey useful to di earth as e dey provide di correct amount of nutrients give plants wey dey water through micro and macronutrients and light. Di balance wey dey for all dis  elements bi sey e dey necessary for plant wey dey inside aquarium to grow well.

For example, NASA tok sey wit 40 percent rise for di CO2 levels for di atmosphere, since di start of di industrial revolution, global temperature don rise wella. As e bi, higher temperature dey make matas worse for plenti of disasters, like storms, heat waves, floods, and droughts, wey dey make pipu die.

For di same mata, Lewis Ziska, for one research wey di name na “Rising Carbon Dioxide and Global Nutrition: Evidence and Action Needed”, see sey even though evribodi sabi sey CO2 dey help to increase photosynthesis and growth of plenti plant species  includinng crops, di effect fit come change di plant chemistry wey go spoil di plant nutrition.

After e talk dat  one, Ziska still come warn sey no bi because CO2 dey benefit plants na im mean sey e dey benefit evribodi, sey di kasala wey e dey cause for climate change, na im worse pass.

“Dat role dey veri important, no bi only from a human health viewpoint but na also from global food-web perspective,” na so di climate scientist tok.

FINAL TOK: Di tok wey sey carbon no dey harmful sake of sey earth na carbon- based NO BI TRUE TOK. Studies don show sey di rising level of  carbon dioxide na serious wahala to human beings.

This content was produced with support from the Independent Media Response Fund, an initiative of the Check Global Program at Meedan to respond to global challenges through hyperlocal initiatives. The fund is supported by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).

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