Yes, di Canada wildfire dey related to climate change

With di hundreds of Canadian wildfires wey dey send smoke across di United States, di conservatives don begin to question di hand wey climate change get for di plenti fire wey cause plenti kasala for North America.

Steven Milloy, “senior fellow” for di fossil fuel-funded E&E Legal Institute, claim for Fox News sey di Canada fire no dey related to climate change, sey di smoke from di fire no get any health effect.


Wildfires na any fire wey dem no plan wey dey burn for forests, grasslands and oda ecosystems. Di tin fit start with natural event like wen lightning strike, or som oda human activities. Camp fire, cigar wey pesin smoke troway, and even electric equipment like wire wey don spoil fit cause wildfires.

Canada dey face ‘long, hard summer’ of wildfires with temperatures wey hot wella and some Canadian officials don warn sey na so di kontri go face “long, hard summer” of wildfires, as dis current season of heat don pass di ones wey don dey before.

Di nomba of pipu wey no get any choice but to comot from dia house reach 155,000 and di highest figure in di last 40 years, wit more dan 4,500 pipu wey dem don rescue across Canada – plenti of dem na indigenes.


Di small nomba of pipu for Canada wey dey chuk mouth for di mata dey blame di current wildfires wey dey spread for di kontri ontop di head of climate activists, sey dem plan di mata, and ontop di head of some govment pipu sey dem no dey fear to enta bush go start fire with matches. 

Scientists tok sey changes for di climate dey make weather conditions like heat and drought cause more wildfires,” na so di BBC tok for one report for June. “Spring for Canada don dey warmer and drier dan usual, e don dey create dry environment for fire to burn.”

 With di kain energy wey dis fires dey take burn, e dey veri impossible for di fire to stop unless sey heavy rain fall wella for where di fire dey,” na so Apostolos Voulgarakis, professor of climate change, for Imperial College London, tok.

Scientists don explain sey climate change dey affect wildfires as e dey add to di hot and dry conditions wey dey help di fire wey catch tospread.

As di global temperatures dey rise, di size and amount of times wey di wildfires go catch go penti for future pass di way e bi now.

As e bi alreadi, di average wildfires season for western US dey ova three (3) months longer dan when e bin start some years ago. For places like California to di Siberian Artic, we dey see some kain wildfires wey we neva see before.

E get plenti correct informate wey show sey climate change dey make environments burn easily, increase plenti heat and drought wey go still make di wildfires burn.

Hotter temperatures dey comot more water from soil and vegetation, and e go come dry trees, shrubs and grass and come turn dry leaf togeda wit branches wey don fall to tins wey fit start fire.

Wen drought dey, trees wey no get any strength again because of lack of water fit come dey open to attack from insects and diseases wey fit weaken or kill dem, come create more fuel for fires.

Even though sey fire na natural sometin wey dey impotant sake of ecology, as e dey help clear plants wey don die or get disease for some forests. For example, e dey even help some plant reproduce; planet wey don dey too warm – with oda history of some kain forest management practices and land use wey dey push development enta wilderness – go contribute to wildfires wey dey veri bad.


As di right-wing media dey spread tok wey no correct about di tin wey dey cause di Canadian wildfires, beta informate dom show sey di climate change dey make di Candian wildfires mata worse.

This content was produced with support from the Independent Media Response Fund, an initiative of the Check Global Program at Meedan to respond to global challenges through hyperlocal initiatives. The fund is supported by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).

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